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Hi Norm,

Great list for those who don't want to send out or do their own laundry! We'd take half, even on a longer cruise!

* 20-25 Handkerchiefs
I'm afraid you're showing your age ! Most people I know aren't even familiar with handkerchiefs! I wonder when they went "out of style"?

The only time I've worn a leotard (unless you're defining it differently) was in dance class more years ago than I'd like to remember!

I do agree with your packing method. I've tried all the "new" methods, and for me just packing "small" works the best.

A "speedo" swimsuit (gents) or a "bikini" swimsuit with a triangle top (ladies)
Are you saying you wear a speedo I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini no matter how much packing space it saved !

Thanks for your list,
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