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Hey, you knew I would reply to this! I confess, I've never been on Celebrity. Are their closets a LOT bigger than other cruise lines? I can't imagine trying to stuff all of that into either my luggage or the closets.

My belongings have always fit easily into less than half of the closet and shelf space on both Celebrity (seven cruises) and Princess (thirteen cruises) -- and I took suits for "semiformal" evenings on my first several Princess cruises. Last fall, I actually had three additional days' worth of casual wear aboard MV Galaxy because I spent a weekend in Roma before my transatlantic cruise.

Of course, you can drop the items for "informal" evenings on Princess now, and on most other lines as well.

If ncecessary, you also can leave half of the casualwear items in your luggage when you unpack initially and swap the laundry for the clean clothes midway through the cruise.

Just FYI, leotards are HOT!

Yes, of course they look hot. That's exactly why many gents prefer ladies who wear them! :-)

How about letting us ladies choose our own underwear?!?

Seriously, I offer tips based on personal experience of twenty cruises, several of which were a full two weeks long, but I said in the beginning that you should modify the list according to your situation. If you prefer different styles, make the corresponding substitutions -- but be aware that different styles may require more space in your luggage and more storage space in your cabin. At the very least, my lists will key you to the appropriate quantities of each substitute item.

I'll also concede your point that Celebrity requires formal wear. But, I will never agree that all cruise lines should follow that example. There is plenty of room for all types.

I agree completely. In fact, I have suggested on these boards that cruise lines should differentiate themselves by differences in dress standards for some time. In particular, this is a consistent theme in my posts in Kuki's poll thread on the Royal Caribbean International board. I also have long pointed people who don't want to dress for formal evenings to cruise lines that don't hold formal evenings, both on these boards and elsewhere.

Also, there's a lot of non-clothing items that I pack and to maximize the helpfulness of your list, I think that that should be mentioned. The list of other stuff is elsewhere on this board, for those who are interested.

Yes, I included several non-clothing items on my lists and mentioned other non-clothing items that others may wish to bring. Again, my lists are intended as a starting point for people trying to make up their own.

Happy cruising!

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