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Great list for those who don't want to send out or do their own laundry! We'd take half, even on a longer cruise!

Suit yourself. Celebrity's laundry service is not cheap and I don't want to spend my vacation time doing laundry. At the very least, you can divide by two or three, rounding up, if you plan to do laundry once or twice during a two-week cruise.

I'm afraid you're showing your age ! Most people I know aren't even familiar with handkerchiefs! I wonder when they went "out of style"?

It depends into what social class one is born, I suppose. I'm still in my first half century....

The only time I've worn a leotard (unless you're defining it differently) was in dance class more years ago than I'd like to remember!

The objective of suggesting "bra tops or leotards" was to get rid of the separate supply of brazieres, many of which do not pack very compactly due to underwires and such. Of course, you certainly can substitute brazieres and conventional tops....

Are you saying you wear a speedo

You bet!

Of course, there are "speedos" and there are "speedos"....

Thanks for your list,

You're welcome!

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