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My comment about letting us ladies choose our own underwear was intended as a bit of a joke! And not all brassiers take up a lot of space. Kind of glad to see you made a false assumption there, as I would not like to think you wear them! (another joke...okay?).

Afraid we will have to just agree to disagree about formal nights, though. I will never see any reason to even suggest that people go with specific cruise lines based purely on how fancy their clothing is.

I was a tad disturbed ay your comment about "what social class one is born into". I grew up with handkerchiefs and extensive rules of social etiquette and I am glad to see most of that go by the roadside. For example, all cruise lines get cutlery wrong. I'll only do details if asked, but it is true.

More important (to me), I feel that I would miss out on meeting some wonderful people if I only chose to associate with (as in cruise with) those of my "social class".
But, happy cruising to you, too!
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