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Originally Posted by You
The longer the cruise, the more expensive it is. And people who work and/or have kids frequently can't do more than 7 days at most. In my experience, if a cruise is longer than 10 days, the passenger mix tends more toward older and more upscale. The two together mean dressier attire, especially at dinner. Just FYI to anyone. It's not just the cruise line. A 16 day HAL cruise is different than a 7 day HAL cruise (loved 'em both). And, a 3 day Carnival, for example, is entirely different than either.
In general, you also will find a lot more families with school-age children aboard ship during school vacation periods (from the middle of February to the end of April, June through August, and the weeks of Thanksgiving, Ghristmas, and New Year's Day) than at other times of the year.

That said, these are all general trends but there are notable exceptions.

>> There were over two hundred children aboard the original MV Royal Princess (45,000 tons, 1200 passengers) during my twelve night cruise to "Scandanavia and Western Europe" in June of 2001 -- and that ship did not have a children's center!

>> I also encountered a LOT of children aboard a Pricness cruise to the Mexican Fiviera in the October-November time frame, probably in 2002. Inquiring, I learned that many schools in southern California now operate on a staggered calendar in which the students go to school for two quarters and then have one quarter of vacation, so that one third of each school is on vacation in each quarter. Operating from Los Angeles, the cruise was very convenient for people who lived in the area that followed this school schedule.

>> There were also quite a few children aboard MV Galacy for the fourteen night crossing from Civitavecchia to Galveston last October. The Teen Disco was quite busy every night.

The bottom line is that there are no guarantees.

That said, I have also noticed that children on the "priemium" lines, like Princess and Celebrity, tend to be very well behaved and not disruptive.

And Carnival's longstanding reputation, whether true or not today, is that some of the adults are even more disruptive than the children....

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