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Originally Posted by You
As for cruise lines; from what I have heard, the most upscale ones are Silversea, Crystal and Radisson, where you would tend to find a more formal crowd.
These lines have superb reputations, but the price of a cruise on any of these "luxury" lines will fetch two cruises of equal duration (or one much longer cruise) on "premium" lines like Princess, Disney, and Celebrity.

Originally Posted by You
If you are into gourmet dining, in the mid price cruise lines, Celebrity has the best food because of it's world renowned chef, Michael Roux.
Food is very much a matter of personal taste. Celebrity's cuisine is certainly very good, but many passengers find that it grows old quickly because the menus are very similar. On a seven night Celebrity cruise, you can plan on French, First Formal,French, French, French, Last Formal, and French cuisine and the formal menus also have a strong French flair. I prefer Princess's variety of cuisine, which typically features American (Sailaway), First Formal, Italian, French, Chef's Choice, Last Formal, and American (Landfall) menus for the same seven nights. I have never felt that the food was in any way substandard, either in quality of ingredients or in preparation, on either line. Several factors that prompted my decision to shift from Princess to Celebrity, but food was not one of them.

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