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Default NO TANNING!!

Hi all,
Just to weigh in on the tan thing. DON'T TAN! I too am german and irish and freckle. Believe age 40 I have had my share of bad sunburns. However, my sister who has my same coloring is going in tomorrow for her third skin cancer surgery. I am also a pharmacist so this is what I know from a medical point of view. No tan is a good tan. (which really stinks because everyone looks better and thinner with one ) I suggest using the self tanners. I know they are a pain but once you get the hang of using them they give you a nice glow. I currently use the Aveeno body cream. Also, everyone of EVERY skin color needs to use sunscreen and a lot of it. All of the journals that I have read say that anything over a SPF of 15 (yes 15) is not any more effective. My favorite is the BULLFROG QUICKGEL it has an spf of 36. The reason why I like it is that it a gel and is water and sweatproof It is alcohol based, it smells strong, so it doesn't smell that great (no coconuts ) but it dries instantly due to the alcohol and it is not sticky or creamy and greasy. Don't forget to apply at least a 1/2 before you go out and use a lot all day. A normal application for the entire body is about a shot glass full. Also girls....don't forget about what the sun does for those nice wrinkles as you age!! That is more than my two cents worth, sorry.
PS: Don't forget to wear your hat!!!!
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