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My DH brings both even though he doesn't not own a tux (not enough need). But he plans to wear a tux for New Year's Eve, I know. He looks FABULOUS in a tux!

It does not take many skipped rentals to pay back the price of a tuxedo or a dinner jacket outfit -- especially if you watch for deals on the latter.

>> 1. Most tuxedo rental shops have periodic sales of used outfits. They are renting outfits for weddings and such, where exact match of colors is critical, so they can't rent anything that might have faded even half a shade from routine cleaning, so they tend to sell outfits at serious discounts after only a few rentals. We, as individuals, do not have such constraints, so we can wear those outfits many more times. They usually will tell you when they will have such sales if you ask.

>> 2. Liquidators like Railroad Salvage and Building 19 often get brand new tuxedos and dinner jacket outfits from insurance auctions and manufacturers' overruns and sell them for a fraction of the normal retail price. Watch the circulars of the liquidators in your area for great deals.

In many cases, you can buy outfits on sale for less than the cost of two rentals. Of course, full price is usually cheaper than three rentals.

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