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Originally Posted by Rev22:17
There's usually a shore excursion that goes to a decent beach club. These excursions typically includes transportation, use of beach chairs, and coupons for a couple beverages. It may also include a boat tour out to Los Arcos ("The Arches") at Land's End, which is a fascinating area teaming with pellicans, sea otters, and other wildlife in addition to incredible natural rock formations.

Have a great cruise!

I know there is some shore excursion that does that, but I really don't want to pay the money for it as well as have to keep to their schedule. I just want to get off the ship, go to a beach, hang out with my wife and do some swimming and snorkeling and then head back when we are done. It'll be a fraction of the cost to do it this way, and we can go and return on our own schedule as well as go to downtown Cabo if we want afterwards.

I looked at the ship's excursion packages, and they want anywhere from $46 a person to upwards of $76 a person to take you 1 mile from the tender to a beach! I know that some resorts on Medano beach will let cruisers in for a day for a very small fee or no fee at all if you buy food and drinks, so why pay their outrageous prices?

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