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Thank you for the info. I just got off the Pacific Princess, but it did need some TLC. I noticed in the press release that there will be a 2 week drydock to make some internal improvements. If the Minerva is in the same shape as the Pacific, that is not enough time.

First, let me say that the Pacific is a GREAT ship, with a GREAT staff, and wonderful food, but the ship is showing it's age.

We are experienced cruisers who prefer HAL, Princess, and RCCI as our primary lines of choice.

Here are my suggestions for improvement.
1. Replace the bedding. The sheets are ripped, the pillows are "indented" from use, the blanket is matty.
2. Replace the bedspreads and curtains in the rooms. They are dirty and faded and don't match each other or the carpets.
3. The ship's beauty shop does not offer acrylic nails nor face/body waxing. Remember, the ship goes on "long" cruises and these are very important for women's grooming.
4. No laundry or dry cleaning service was available. There are 4 washing machines and 4 dryers on the 7th floor for passenger convenience. They are reasonably priced at $1 per wash and $1 per dry.
5. No fresh flowers were on the ship. All floral arrangements on the ship were made of silk. If flower arrangements for the room were not pre-ordered, they were not available.
6. The casio had very unique penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar slot machines, but no video poker, or the usual bar, bar, bar/7,7,7 type of slot machines.

We had a wonderful time on the Pacific. We love the smaller more intemate ships (our next cruise is our 3rd on HAL Prinsendam in November). The smaller ships go to more exotic locations and their passengers are well traveled. But, the cruise lines cannot forget to update these "gems (ships)" to standards expected by today's travelers.
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