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Thank you for the info.

You're welcome!

I just got off the Pacific Princess, but it did need some TLC. I noticed in the press release that there will be a 2 week drydock to make some internal improvements. If the Minerva is in the same shape as the Pacific, that is not enough time.

You seem to be confusing your ships. MV Pacific is the former (that is, original) MV Pacific Princess of [i[The Love Boat[/i] fame. I have seen her in ports of call on several cruises since her departure from the Princess fleet. Renaissance Cruises introduced the new MV Pacific Princess as MV R3 in the late 1990's. She is still less than ten years old. That said, she has been cruising half of each year for Princess Cruises and the other half of each year for P&O Cruises Australia. I have heard that the time in the Australian market is rather rough on cruise ships, so she might be more in need of refurbishment than normal for a ship her age. Operaing for the British line Swan Hellenic Cruises, MV Minerva II probably is in better condition.

You would be amazed what a competent shipyard can do on a commercial cruise ship in two weeks. I would not be at all concerned about two weeks in the yards not being enough.

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