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I already have booked Miami hotel/air/cruise on Carnival Valor for New Years Eve. My roomie has done the same.

It is best to book early so I can get a window seat near the front. That is my favorite location. I like to lean my head against the window and fall asleep.

The best airlines to fly in #1 - Jet Blue Airline because it has extra leg space and your own personal t.v. in front of you to watch t.v. or play games.
Continental is #2 - because they also have the t.v. in front of you. They are more expensive to fly on. Less leg space.

Southwest airline is fun on short one hour flying. Everybody seems happy on that flight to Las They have cheapy fun fares if you book early.
Delta is in the bad habit of changing Gates at the last minute so be sure the gate doesn't change on you while you are relaxing at a bar or restaurant. They mumble the changes. I missed a flight because of a change while I was waiting at the food court.

Lately I have been flying on American West and they are okay.

American Airlines seems to have old planes and we were delayed during December in Fort Lauderdale for 3 hours on the plane. I hate that.
It made a lot of people late for their connecting flights.
One guy was flying to Hawaii but American Air had also canceled his flight and he had to spend the night in a hotel at the AA expense.
This is only one bad experience for me.

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