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Availability does seem rather limited. And prices highly variable.
I wonder why Princess is charging $1000 more for a balcony room (for 2) than Celebrity 15/14 night cruise. I have preferences for both (prefer the anytime dining, but prefer Celebrity overall) but for $1000, I'll eat when they tell me to eat and have one less day. Princess stops at Kauai, but that can't be the difference. Maybe its too early for the price competition.

If you're looking at the cruise to Hawai'i aboard GTS Infinity on 22 October of this year, the original itinerary did include Kauai (Nawiliwili). but the dock apparently was not available. Thus, celebirty rearranged the schedule so the ship will spend two days in Honolulu. I'm glad that they made the swap, as now I don't have to choose between Pearl Harbor and Waikiki....

Anyway, thera are a few other CruiseMates heading to Hawai'i aboard GTS Infinity on 22 October, so why not come join is?

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