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Lisa, this is just a guess, but maybe they tell people at first, that the quarentine will just be for 24 one who is ill, would quarrel, with that, thinking due to the needs of a bathroom, it's the safest place to be.
This couple thought 24 hrs was prudent, and had no prolem complying.

They were upset that, they were told only when they tried to get off the ship, it was a 72 hr quarentine. My guess is that if many people got sick at pretty much the same time, and all were told about the 72 hr rule, there could be a mini uprising. Peope being told in layers, might control
this. I also think being upfront would have been a more honest way to approach this. It's a disappointing scenerio to cruisers, especially on just a 7 dayer, but, peoples welfare is paramount..What do you think?

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