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Norm, your standards and memory of the details you mentioned some posts up are different than mine. Most of those were things that I really don't pay any attention to.

My big complaint about the Tahitian Princess, though, and I'm sure it's the same on both the Pacific and all the others, is the showroom, and you didn't get into that. It's nothing that be fixed because of the way it was initially made. however, the showroom was designed for multiple purposes, with a fairly good sized dance floor and a very small stage. The stage can hold a very small orchestra, which is where Princess puts it. On Ren, it also had room for the singer, the magician, the harpist, or whatever other single entertainer was scheduled. However, it's not at all large enough for Princess' production shows. In fact, we saw two new shows in March on her, and didn't even recognize them on the Diamond in May! A show that was designed to be on a large stage in front of the audience isn't the same when done on a small dance floor, theater in the round style. Additionally, because of the size of the area, shows and dances that were written for a cast of 16 are necessarily cut down to 8 performers. But that's not my complaint. The problem is the chairs in the showroom, which are the most uncomfortable that I've ever sat in. This March's cruise reaffirmed what I'd decided three years ago. They might be Ok for large men, but the seat is way too deep so people myu size (5'6") either have to let their legs dangle in the air or sit with their butt about 6 inches away from the back of the chair--slouching for an hour or sitting up on your own with no back rest. Finally, the show and the audience are all on one level so the sightlines from all but the front rows of chairs are not good.

We did go to the production shows and snagged a couple of bar stools in the back (only a few, but tall, and you can see very well from them, but you have to get there early). Didn't go to any of the other shows; they held the Tahitial Mamas and Papas show out on deck this time.

However, note that the design of the showroom isn't keeping me away; we've booked the Royal for 2007, and suspect that the showroom will be the same. We book a cruise for the itinerary, not shows.
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