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Default Re: How long before you book flight?

i also booked my flight way in advance ( the middle of june this year for may of next year ) for my flight to seattle for my cruise. i think the prices will rise and i wanted to get a great price , which i did. i am paying $302 total on northwest. and i live in the midwest and have to fly to chicago from my small hometown airport. i will watch it to see if it drops.

just an added bit of info. in january i booked my flight to pheonix for sept 4 and coming home on the 11th. i paid $235 roundtrip total cost with american and that included the tax.. now the ticket is $504 !!! i cant beleive how much it went up. so im glad i booked when i did. i went through the airline for the ticket on the net.

good luck and have a great time.

dusty -----have a great cruise
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