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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
Thanks Lisa. I am just an average white boy so was never comfortable showing it off in the banana hammock anyway. I was on a swim team when I was about 12 and always worried I might get wood around the pool. Sometimes I still have this concern so the baggies are much better.
we had quite a discussion about that type of swimsuit on another messegeboard. Appartently this older guy had one on on this Celebrity cruise that went to Panama Canal. Apparently he strutted around alot. Plenty of comments like no one would want to use a lounge chair after him because of that butt crack stuff-it got really gross.

I have never seen that type of suit but it sounds like a jockey strap to me. So you call it a banana hammock-they were calling it a "sock" on that thread.

I will tell you my own funny epxerience. This older guy (mid 60's) in a swimsuit that was too small because of his beer belly- this was on the Disney Wonder 2 years ago- it kept sliding down below the beer belly and he was showing like 6 inches of butt crack!!!! I would have prefered him in speedos!!!!!!
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