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Default Tipping Tour Guides

I havebeen on many overseas tours, and I see that maybe half the people on a shore excursion tip the guide, and if they do tip, the amounts vary by a lot.

I just got back from a trip to Naiagara Falls, (obviously, not a cruise)where an US tour guide who drove the bus and condusted the tour reminded us verbally several times that tips are expected, plus there was a large sign at the front of the bus that said "Tips are expected, 15% is customary".

This added some $30 to the cost of our tour.

Does anyone besides me think this is 1) pushy and 2) exorbitant?

I have never seen a European guide state in his talks that tips are expected, or how much they should be. This guide actually said at the end of the tour "I will walk off the bus ahead of each of you, say goodbye and accept your gratuities then."

Comments? Should a guide "demand" tips, are guides' tips mandatory, and what % of the tour cost should they be?
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