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Dave The Wave..thanks for validating my post (before everyone got off tangent with the Ms Venice slant (smile)..remembering that this is a board devoted to cruising, I'll always remember my first cruise to Greece back in the early 80's...It was on Sun Line (now Royal Olympic before it went out of business)...and not only were we one of the few Americans onboard, we were the only African American couple, and by far we were the youngest couple onboard...I observed several couples where the man was much older and the woman was young, beautiful and had a killer body...In my naivete, I actually thought they were father/daughter untill my then GF pointed out what the real deal was

Flash forward and now today I understand..the good news is that the woman's movement has brought forth equality in respect that a very successful older woman can now afford to cruisel with a much young male companion (i.e. Richard Gere's movie American Gigilo or my favorite movie with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matheau, "Out To Sea")

Dave..if you want to test your theory, lose your job and see how long your GF hangs around..but like my grandfather taught me..a woman that stays with a man when things aren't going a woman to keep when things get better

If you are single parent and middle age, regardless of sex, it's tough out there in the dating world....
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