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Originally Posted by Paul
Should a guide "demand" tips, are guides' tips mandatory, and what % of the tour cost should they be?
Absolutely NOT! We've always tipped our tour guides. We usually tip $10.00 for the two of us, not a percentage of the cost of the tour. We've been known to tip more if the guide went "above and beyond"!

Luckily, we've never had a tour guide who "demanded" a tip. They've just put out their hands to "shake" when we returned to the ship.

We've seen many people who don't tip, but it's usually the people who've caused "problems" on the tour! On our last cruise there was a woman who thought she knew more than the guide about our tour. The guide "gently" corrected her, but she was SO insistent! This guide got a very good tip from us! (I would have "slapped her upside the head", and was seriously thinking about it!)!

We sometimes tip the driver, too, if he's done anything besides driving, but we NEVER tip that person who sits in the front next to the driver (what does he do anyway?).

If a tour guide demanded a tip from us, he'd be SOL!
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