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Default Motion sickness

As an expert at motion sickness - even on elevators I got nauseated....we were on the Infintiy mid-ship 8th deck with a balcony. Our trip was 12 days and the first two days were bad, after that I guess my body acclimated to the sea and I was fine. Pills and patches make me feel hungover and just not right, so I avoid them at all costs. The first night I left the dinner table feeling pretty bad, went to the room and slept, soon after my husband came with a remedy from our waiters - peeled and sliced green apples chunks and fresh sliced ginger, with directions for me to eat it as it will make me feel better...also saltine crackers...The next day was all dday at sea nad was a bit choppy - so I stayed in bed sleeeping most ofthe day. The third day I was better but had difficulty going to the theater and night clubs which were on the 3rd and 4th decks as I became woozy the lower I went. By the 3rd day I was just fine and went on my excursions and ate dinner every night without a problem. We spent a lot of time on the balcony - fresh air was geat for me and the views fantastic. I carried the pills and patches with me but never used them. My Dr also reccommended antihistamines for motion sickness, I also read that ginger pills help. I brought them with me but never took one. When I feel bad and am on a ship,I drink ginger ale and eat a few slices of fresh fruit and I feel better. Although I was not feeling too good the first few days, I am glad I was able to enjoy the trip without any medication.

Good luck, enjoy your trip and try not to worry about it...This was my third trip and I am getting better and better at not getting so sick. The first cruise was bad, and I even had pills and patches...2nd time, two bad days of nausea no pills, no patches, - this time wasn't so bad at all.
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