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Default My Turn Now


I'm Norm, and my wife of 42 years is Judy. I worked for a major computer company for 29 years, then got downsized (what a crappy word), and managed the golf course behind our house for 5 years. Gave that up since I didn't like working 60 hours a week in a part-time job.

We have two grown daughters, and we welcomed our first grandchild about 18 months ago. I used to roll my eyes every time someone talked about their grandchildren, and now I have to restrain myself from stopping people on the street and showing them pictures.

We've been on 20 cruises so far, and have 4 booked for this year and next. Looking into 2008 cruises already. Hey, someone has to keep the economy moving along!
Serenade of the Seas b2b January 2016
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