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When we booked our first Celebrity cruise.. I came in with all sorts of prices and cabin choices...and since I knew what I wanted and didn't want.. or thought I didn't want (CC category).. they wheeled and dealed and kept tossing in things so that the cruise ended up being a bargain and we got the CC cabin for the cost of "ocean view" Since the travel show is in January 2007... and the three cruises I'm looking at are in December 2007...I'm sure when I walk in and say I want to book a cruise..and what can you do for me...they will be falling all over, they did last time.. It's just a matter of which ship and which itinerary.. one disembarks in San Juan, one in Ft. Lauderdale and one in Miami.. I'll be delighted to immediately pay "deviation" fee to make sure I fly DIRECTLY from San Juan to Boston. and fly from Boston to London and then Barcelona where I have a great little hotel and best of all a great taxi driver/guide to pick us up.. Life can be good... First, beautiful Bermuda in 61 days
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