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I'm Jen and am 43 years old, married to Gary (soon to be 46) for almost 22 years (Sept.). We have two children - the youngest will now start college, so in about a month we will be empty nesters. I'm having a difficult time with this.

I work in my church and handle all the finacial/secretarial duties. DH is a lineman for the local electric utility. I also have a mini poodle, named Jonah, who is spoiled and obnoxious to everyone but me.

I have cruised twice, and plan more, once college bills thin down a little (hopefully dd only has two more years). Lots of land travel, and have some more of those planned as well. Trying to see the things we are interested in that are near by, or on the way too and from college, while budget is squeezed.

We live in northern Vermont, less than 10 miles from the Canadian Border. The part of Vermont we live in is referred to as the Northeast Kingdom, tho' if you are from here you just say you are from the Kingdom. As of late it is still pretty unspoiled - still no box store for at least 70 miles, or 65 if you cross over into New Hampshire. It has been a great place to raise kids. A nice place to live, tho' I have a hard time with the long cold winters.
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