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Default Budget traveler seeks same

Budget traveler here, single F, 51 yrs old, based in NYC. Looking for someone else who wants to travel when one of us sees a great bargain. Me: self employed, flexible schedule, but not free as a bird, either. Would ideally like to know a handful of people I could email when I see something tantalizing that fits my schedule, who could respond promptly if they wanted to go too. Could be a cruise or any vacation deal based on double occupancy, or a one-week condo share.

Mainly looking just to save us both money (we don't have to be buds), but as we all know, it's so much nicer to travel or share w/ someone you like or have something in common with, so, FYI, I'm:

Clean, modest, quiet, straight, tolerant, smart, no heavy anything (drugs, drink, attitudes, habits, diseases, prejudices). Not a snob. Occasional smoker, I like my coffee, walking, motorbiking, anything nature/outdoors/light adventure/wildlife, people-watching, local culture food architecture music museums and crafts, medium scary roller coasters, and laughing out loud. Pretty stinky at all sports and games but love to play any (tennis, golf, volleyball, poker, etc.)...nice if you're an amiable duffer.

You may have aleady been more places than I have and not be interested in some locations, but I am happy to try anything, so, I would just throw out my ideas no strings attached and expect a polite yes or no answer in return.

Anyone of like mind may feel free to email me at, female preferred but not mandatory.
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