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When I'm in a checkout lane and someone with just a few items comes up I always let them go before me, but I resent it when people cut in front and use some excuse. Yesterday I stopped at the local supermarket to buy donuts for my hard-working staff on my way to work. I had picked out the majority of them but the other case was being blocked by a man who was taking his time. As soon as he left I started to open that case when an elderly man walked up and took the door out of my hand and said "I ONLY NEED ONE!". No "may I?", or "do you mind?". I had already been standing there for several minutes so I looked at him and said "I'm trying to get to work, but I guess it's more important to you that you push in front of me". This store has a restaurant and the retired men in the area meet there every morning for breakfast and gossip. He clearly had more time than I did and he had NO IDEA how many donuts I was getting from that case but he seemed to think that he was entitled to just bully his way in. And, these are the same people who will usually complain about the "rude younger generation"!
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