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I agree with your views on pushy people - but, here is another perspective. For health reasons I hve to walk 5 - 8 k a day at a good clip. I overheard a man comment on why was I in such a hurry - now, I never block other people, bump into them or infringe on their right to stroll so what was his problem? I now walk the passageways on a cruise and stand back against the wall when others come by. yes, I hurry to the evening performances because if I don't get a seat up front I don't hear a thing since I am severely hearing impaired.

As to being in line first at the buffet - we like to get the food while it is fresh and hot and since we eat at the first sitting for dinner we don't want to eat too late at lunch time. What's wrong with being first in line as long as you haven't pushed in to be there?
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