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hi antron. i will let you in on what i have plans for on the cruise you will be on.

in boston i going to go too salem and marblehead to see the '' witch burning '' villages. then when i get back in town i hope to get to cheers and the market to check things out. i have a friend who collects t-shirts and that is the #1 thing i am supposed to pick up there for her.

portland -- i am going to do the lighthouse tour with the ship. i will be able to get back in plenty of time to get a real maine lobster in one of the eateries, do some shopping and wander around for awhile.

in halifax i am going to take the whale watch/nature tour with murphy's on the water. i love the whales and take a tour to see them whenever i can.

saint john, nb is going to be a total day of just shopping, wandering around or get back on the ship to enjoy the pool or hot-tub when it is not too crowded. these are the days also that you can get some deals at the spa.

i am going to love this cruise and cant wait to go. i only have 60 days to go ( but who is counting ).

have a great time on your cruise. i know i will on mine.
dusty -----have a great cruise
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