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Default Sights in NE-St. John

Don't know where to start....or end.,.lol First of all...sadly there has been a tragic accident in Boston in the new tunnel... so traffic and around the pier will or can be pretty heavy.., Hopefully they will open the tunnel within the week There are two St. Johns and I can't remember which one.. but I'm pretty sure your going to the one that I adore..Let's start there...When you arrive in St, John you will be greeted by the Lord Mayor. the women get a rose and the men a pin. There are all litte table set up on the pier.. A free bus will take you to downtown..You can pay ? and go to the Reversing Falls...and if your body is strong enough take a wild ride...Climb down the steps and take the ferry back and in the little area you can see all the harbor seals.. When you get back to the tourist area there are all sorts of pubs where you can sit and people watch..Up the hill is the City Market... a block or two away... and it's an interesting little place to pick up Canadian or english products.. Now here is the best part.... When you walk back to the ship and it's more than do-able..on the left hand side set back is a lobster shack..Need I say more!! In St. John and the tourist area are three restaurants owned by one family and this one is owned by one of the brothers...In thetourist building/shopping. there is another where if your celebrating your birthday you can win a free lunch or drink.
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