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Originally Posted by Dave the Wave
Well put, Venice. Although, we will never know if you can keep up until we find ourselves aboard the same ship.
well I just turned 52 and most say I look younger-hubby is 47 so I "robbed the cradle" I guess! Most people think he is older then me and he does not like that at all! and he looks pretty good to me!

The other day we went to Frire Mountain after meeting services with members from our congregation. We had our 22 year old daughter with us. She is only 5'1" and super tiny-she wears a double zero-the stupid waitress/hostess asked if she was under 12.

I replied "no-she's an adult and a college graduate".

Later on we looked at our receipt and we see they charged us for one adult and 2 senior citizens! We laughed pretty hard about that.

I haven't signed up for the AARP yet but I have heard you can get discounts on cruises. Has anyone? and how much?
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