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Are you talking overnights? It's something Crystal cruisers enjoy. Crystal arranges some of the best shore excursions in the business and many of the most unique ones can only happen at night. I've had the opportunity to experience some fantastic happenings on evening shore excursions---I'll give you a few examples. A night visit to the Schwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar which is really the best time to see this amazing building. An evening concert at the ruins in Ephesus. Evening feeding of the elephants in Sri Lanka. A night picnic on an island in the Maldives---that was the most wonderful experience. Plus a day trip out of Mumbai to see the Taj Mahal. Those are things you can't do if a ship is only in port for 8 hours or less.

Not only that, but staying overnight allows passengers to experience the night life in some of the world's most fascinating cities. We dined at the Hotel du Paris in Monte Carlo. Took a special behind the scenes tour of the Zoo in Singapore. Had dinner at the Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong. Those are things you can't do if the ship leaves at 5 or 6.
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