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Originally Posted by carolrd
Originally Posted by momofmeg
the other day we went to Frire Mountain after meeting services with members from our congregation. We had our 22 year old daughter with us. She is only 5'1" and super tiny-she wears a double zero-the stupid waitress/hostess asked if she was under 12.

I replied "no-she's an adult and a college graduate".
I was in the supermarket last weekend and purchasing some beer. When the clerk asked me for my ID I was floored. I told her I am well over the legal age ( 40 ++) and I can't wait to tell everyone I know that I was carded.

Carol 8)
Oh they always card me too-but I know it becuase it is required- I look a little younger then my real age but I know I look at least my forties! now my daughter-they always look at her like how could she be over 21-but she is.

Hubby and I both always joke and say we are just "barely" over 21 when we get carded!
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