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Default You will love it!

Let me tell you Angelgal, this would be my 4th cruise, so I am kind of new to this. I went on 2 Carnivals and one Holland America. It was the best. They treat you so nice and go out of the way for you. It was a 10 night cruise and I could of stayed on longer, just great staff. There were a few cat calls down the hallway by some of the staff, but it was kind of funny. I giggled and thought wow, I'm still hot enough for that?? The staff on my cruise was average of mid to later twenties and so cute. We kind of adopted them as our family and had portraits done together, they are the funniest. They bought them too and said we will never forget this, it was a first. As a single they treated us great! When we were at sea we had our own singles director that met with us for lunch and the ship bought us a drink! They have high tea which is fun. So I have the chance to go on a Carnival ship in 1/27 or here on 1/20. I would love to see all my friends on Carnival, but HAL is so awesome and just higher class all the way! You will love it. Thanks for the invite to the preparty. Sounds good. As far as future roomies, I am always looking. Anyone want to cruise 4/14/07???
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