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Originally Posted by connieG
Thanks Diana!!!! I plan to go for it and book in the next week or so. What is the typical day like in your experience? I would hope that at the intro night you would hit it off enough people that you can make plans to have fun on shore excursions etc.? I'm so easy going that I never have problems going with the flow. For me the attraction to the singles cruise is not to seek Mr. Right but to not be uncomfortable with the fact that I am traveling alone. I want to wake up early, stroll the deck, go for an early swim and then crash for hours.... that's what happens to people who have dogs; our schedules are totally screwed up I would hope to have dinner with a group of singles and just chill and get to know new people.
So I guess the question here is: does that really happen or do people meet on the first night and then just disolve into the general population? What's it really like? Do the "singles" form a fun group for the most part? I said..forgive the rookie questions.
Actually, my name is Kathy -- Gwydiana is a nickname of sorts (long story)

A typical day at sea for me is like a day in total paradise. You are pampered in luxury all the while meeting like-minded people. It is so much fun!!!

Fun singles groups form all the time! We hang on deck and play poker/bridge/backgammon/scrabble and just get to know each other. You will not feel lonely, ever!!!

I guarantee you will have a great time. PM to follow

Carnival Legend, Thanksgiving, 2006
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