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tell him you will go with or without most men, he'll cave in at the last minute and then love it so much,he'll book another cruise before you get off the ship and then tell everyone that it was his idea in the first place (VBG)

On a more serious note, if hidden cost are his concern, there is a wealth of help on this board..rule of thumb that seems to work for me for many years, plan on spending as much in hidden cost (which includes your flying) should not be greater than what you paid for your cabin..Also pre-pay your tips, establish a shipboard credit for XXXX amount of dollars then he can monitor the extra's on a day to day basis..alot of the hidden cost is "temptation" buying but good self discipline can be exercised but don't cut yourself short (budget a massage to treat yourself, budget a supper club experience), budget some new cruise clothes that can do double duty when you come home etc.

good luck !!
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