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Hi Allen, there are going to be lots of Singles groups for Halloween on different ships. I think approx. 200 singles are going to book the Carnival Pride ship out of Long Beach, Calif. There will be plenty of gals in the young ages for you to meet. Ship goes to Mexican-Riviera. Check out for more details. Click on Hosted Singles. They also have another singles cruise ship leaving out of Florida. You need to check that one out.
Some of my friends are leaving out of Florida because they feel it is closer to them. But it really doesn't matter where you live because it seems that the air prices are the same. Unless you live in Florida then you may not need to fly if you live near a cruise port city.

I have friends flying in from New York, Chicago, Texas, Arizona and etc.
for the Carnival Pride Fun Ship.

This is what is SPECIAL about they have an ice breaker game where they split up into two groups to play a game. They will have a young age group up to 39yrs old and an older group from 40yrs old and up. I belong to the older group and I had a fantastic time when we had our game. We had the biggest cheaters you ever saw and had a great time. The younger group also had a great time meeting eachother. It really doesn't matter which group you decide to join but most people will want to be in their own age group because that is what I noticed. We all had a blast laughing and laughing with the Cheaters game.

So.... Allen.... there will be plenty of choices for you to choice from because there are several singles groups planned from travel agencies.
I am pushing for VTG Singles because it is my favorite group. That is the only reason.
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