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I get the drift! I am assuming the 2 pics are on similiar size ships? I am leaning towards RCL for the next cruise just so I know that it was the ship and not me. To be honest I feel if I was the CD for the ship I was on it would have been a world of difference. I have read some of your threads and seen some of you pics in the gallery I have a feeling you and I would be best buds on a cruise( just read my "It's official" thread on the CCL board and you'll see why). All I wanted to do was party and it seemed evertime the party started it was killed somehow but something. My friend just returned from the Freedom and he has been cruising for years and actually worked on a ship years ago and he keeps directing me to RCCL. He said that you don't really need a boat that size that the slightly smaller ones were just as good and had just as many amenities. Tell me this, why when comparing the 2 lines do people seem to think ccl is more of a party like atmosphere?
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