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There are ways to get it on, but no matter what you try, you may get busted. If so, expept them to keep it for you til the end of the cruise. Yes, the water bottle works: one time we brought a 6 pk of water on with us; 2 of the bottles had vodka in them. I will admit, now that we are getting older is really isn't worth the hassle. We just order ahead of time and have a bottle waiting for us when we embark. DD and I did bring a 3 liter box of wine on, in our luggage last cruise: nothing was said. I think the most important thing to remember: if you do smuggle, you get away with it, please confine the drinking of the smuggled booze to your cabin. The reason so many lines (ncl being the worst) are cracking down is the flaunting of the drinks. Cruisers make a drink in the cabin, take it out by the pool and think this is perfectly alright. We need to remember the cruise line is in the business of making money. Most of us would not walk into our favorite restaurant or bar with our own bottle. NMnita
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