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Getting on the ship was just as exciting as it was the first time. There is a special energy in the air. We got to the port at around 12:15 and it was very crowded. The good news was that the lines were moving pretty fast.

Although I didn't hear about it until after we got back from the cruise, I will go ahead and explain about our delay leaving the port. We were suppose to leave at 4:00, but was still sitting there at 5:00.

Remember as a child feeling the need to run away from home? Well this kid felt the need. He got all the way to the ship, before he was asked for his Sign and sail card. He told them that his parents were already on board and they had his card. We did hear the pages for his parents, but I thought maybe someones' credit card was not good. When it was discovered that there was no parents on board, they called the FBI. This info came from one of the Terminal people.

Once on board, we went to eat. We use to think that the only food was on the Lido deck outside, and was restricted to hamburgers and hot dogs, out on the Conquest, you can go inside and the buffet is set up. We were told that our rooms would not be ready until after 2:00, so by the time we ate, it was time to go and hopefully get our luggage in the room.

Our room was just like it was before, so it was like coming home. We didnt get all of our luggage right away, but had enough that we didn't feel the need to panic. Santie our steward was there not long after we got in the room. He looks like the guy on Armageddon. The one who is big and mean looking, but cries, and displays his softer side. You always knew when he was on the floor, because you could hear him.

I always hate the muster drill. It is so hot with those life vests around your neck, and I hate having to think about what to do, if something happened. We also discovered that the kids rooms were far enough away, that they had a different assignment for the muster drill. We sent them to their assigned area, but later showed them where ours was, so they could meet us there in case of an emergency. In case of an emergency, we would have all been put on the same boat anyway, because we are family. Next time, I will take this into account when booking. There is no way I could get off a ship, not knowing if my babies were off as well.

After muster, it was time for dinner. We had asked for 6:15 but was assigned 5:45 in the Monet. The Monet is a beautiful dining room, and since this is where we were assigned last time, it also felt like we were coming back home. We were assigned a table for 4 and it worked out perfect. We were usually the first table served. Now I am going to say something that is just our opinion. They do have the new menus. I know there has been talk for months on the boards about the new ones, and how impressive it was, but we were not impressed. Don't get me wrong. The food was good, but I didn't see that much difference.

More later................
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