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For the next several days were relaxing days at sea. They did anounce on the last sea day that we were making an unplanned
stop to Grand Cayman for a medical emergency. We were told that we would not change our plans as far as time goes. I was told that someone had miscarried, but do not know that as a fact. My prayers went to the family.

Our first real stop was Jamaica. I was here in December, but did not get off the ship, so it was really my first time. We planned to do the falls. Before I take us off the ship, let me explain something. I am white. That is not a racial thing but a fact about my skin. I hate sun. I am called the vampire in our neighbor, because I only come out at night. I know what you are thinking. Why cruise to the tropics if I hate sun? Because I love the tropics and air conditioning.

Okay, let’s get off the ship. I booked all of our excursions from home, several weeks before the actual cruise. I like having the opportunity to pick the ones I want, without having to worry that they are sold out. I also do not enjoy standing in line on the ship, to do something; I could have already taken care of at home. I am also one who books through the ship rather than through an independent agent. It makes me feel safer, and confident that if something happens, I will get an instant refund.

Okay, now I am ready to get off the ship. Jamaica is the only place on this cruise where you can dock. The others are tender. For those of you who are reading this and have never cruised, the first thing you encounter after getting off is a photographer. They take your picture, and it usually says where you are or has the ships name. Now I use to have ours made, because I thought you couldn’t get off, unless you had them made, but I now know that you can say no thank you and keep walking. Of course you don’t have to buy the pictures, but I am a sucker. I for one, realize how short time is, and if I see my men on a picture, I have to buy it. Finding your tour off ship is easy, because the tour group has a big sign that says your tour, so you just go and stand with them. It is a lot like elementary school.

Jamaica from the ocean is beautiful, but on shore it is sad. Lots of buildings that should not house people. Lots of trash. Bad roads etc. Not the type of place I am use to. I am told that the other side of the island is beautiful, and has beautiful homes, but sadly we were not docked on that side.

Our tour bus trip took what seemed like forever to get to the falls. It actually took 2 hours. I am told that many ships dock near the falls, and do not have a long trip.

Our tour guide did tell us a lot of interesting facts about the island, but the air conditioning was not working well on the bus, so it was hard to concentrate on what she was saying. (Oh no, Luanne and heat, that’s not good) We get there finally, and get off the bus, and start walking, and walking, and walking. It is getting hotter, and hotter. We get to the station where our tour guide picks up our falls tour guide, and we start walking again. You can sort of hear the falls, but just faintly. Oh, speaking of fainting. I did. One minute I remember walking down the stairs, and the next minute, I am on the sidewalk. I don’t remember anything. I was fine. I skinned both knees, and landed on the side of my face, so it was a bit painful, but other than that, I provided a bit of entertainment for the rest of the group.
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