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Originally Posted by StephenAGoreJr
no this topic hasnt gone off subject because I WAS on the mariner October 2nd-9th. VERY RANDOM. I was the tall blonde guy having a blast. I remember meeting 2 girls that fit that description. This is really weird. Do you have a pic or something I have some from that cruise as well. I was on the 6th or 7th deck i forget. How random is that though? Well I will hopefully hear from you soon.
Well Stephen, Meg went to that meet and greet that the other cruise messegeboard sponsered. so if you went to that you met her. She is very tiny and looks about 15-she wears a double zero. She also sponsered that game where you would put that cruise****** picture on differant one's statrerooms. If you were in on that you know her.

I do not know how to post pictures- Stepehn and Dave both,not computer savvy enough- Meg knows how, but Meg is very modest-she wears tankinis too-but her's is not a Speedo brand like mine was. !!!

One thing for sure-she would never help me post a picture of her! especially in a swimsuit! if we even have one! We don't take many pictures-hubby does the video thing-but I do have a great formal night one of her and her dad that we bought from the ship!
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