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My dear ADHD husband left my garment bag on the bedroom floor. It contained all formal wear for me and my daughter along with all of our shoes and almost all of my shirts . When the bag didn't arrive, he didn't confess. He let me rant and rave at the purser's office. They finally placed a ship to shore call and my dear nephew verified that he was staring at the blue garment bag on the floor of my bedroom . Only then did my dear husband admit that he did not load the bag. Daughter and I missed formal nights, I purchased ridiculously priced clothing on the ship and made him pay dearly for his forgetfulness . The group we were with were extremely amused over this incident. They loved to watch him squirm as I headed to the gift shops! We actually had a great time after that first night. He was the talk of the ship! All the men pitied him and all the women were grateful he didn't belong to them!

I have learned this.

1. I will not allow him to be in charge of the luggage anymore.
2. I always check the entire house before we leave to go anywhere.
3. After 30 years of marriage, if this is the worst he has done, I'm

I booked a cruise during May 2007 and I think I'll let him go.
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