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Okay, we get back to the ship, after stopping in the port gift shop for some tee shirts, and me a spoon. We had about an hour before sail away, so all took a shower(Not at one time) We also decided to stay in our room for sail away, because we had the balcony. We waited and waited, and nothing. We did hear people being paged several times. Finally we took off for Grand Cayman, again. Remember we had just come from there, because of the medical emergency. It seems the missing people took an extra excursion. They went to jail. Darn drug dogs. Darn stupid people.

This was the night we decided to skip the dinning room. We didn't realize that we would not go back at all. We just wanted to eat later than our time.

We also didn't go to the usual shows. I'm not sure why. Maybe because we have cruised so much in the last year, they all seem the same to us. That is not saying anything bad about the Conquest or Carnival. We just have changed as far as needs are concerned.

I also did not drink booze on this trip. I am not suddenly off the sauce, or anything like that, but it just didn't seem necessary. I am not much of a drinker anyway, and make a cheap date, because I can usually only drink one.

The next morning we were circling Grand Cayman. Now I have and haven;t been here before. Last Christmas we were there, but never tendered because of high seas. I had been worried that the same thing would happen, but we had the best weather the whole trip. Twice we saw lightning in the distance, and it rained for a minute or two, but other than that, it was perfect.

Grand Cayman What can I say, except it is a beautiful island. The land of money, banks, big houses, and more money. Today, I was going to bravely get in the ocean in a bathing suit with sting rays. I don't know which is the more scary. Probably me in a bathing suit.

This excursion was booked with Carnival, and the bus was air conditioned. yea!! I had a choice of two times for this excursion, and I picked the early one. Not a bad thing, but on a ship, you don't realize how late it is, and you end up going to bed late. We arrived on shore on time. Tendering was not a problem at all, but the tour people were late... 45 minutes late. With us standing in the hot sun..... Me and this hot sun....... I was fine, but thankfully we had others on the bus, that were very vocal, if you know what I mean. This caused everything else we did all day rushed. First we toured Grand Cayman. Did I mention they have money? We then went to hell. When the tour guide said where we were going, one of the vocal people on the bus said, "We have already been there." I think she was referring to the standing in the heat waiting. Hell is what I was told it was. It is a gift shop, closed post office, and some strange rocks in back. But, if the real hell is this expensive, you sure better go with your credit card. Three tee shirts a bag of chips, and three cokes =$ 63.00 Then it was on to the turtle farm. Now I love animals, and turtles on cartoons are cute, but this was boring. They don't do anything. I don't know what i expected, but I was glad to leave. By the way, very expensive food there too.

Okay, on to the rays.......
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