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The rays were great. The boat ride out was great. The boat driver was great. The driver was one of two brothers. One looked just like the "Rock" Does everyone know who that is?

On the way out to the sand bar, we decided to use some sun block that I saw advertised on TV. It's spray on, that doesn't require a lot of yuky stuff. I DID NOT read the directions. What I did was spray it on and then rub in. WRONG You spray on all over the place. No rubbing.

We got to the sand bar, and it was like a parking lot. We had to wait for a parking place, which didn't take long. Most of us got into the water, and it was the best experience I have ever had with a fish. It was like playing with a dozen flat kittens. I could have stayed out all day.
We did finally have to leave, but that is one memory I will never forget.

Getting back on the ship wasn't a problem, and once again we took our showers. Remember those places I sprayed and then rubbed in. Well the stuff works only for the places you spray, not the rub. So I had circles all over the place, and the rest was beet red. I was planning to wear a pink dress that night with white polka dots, and the first non family person I saw, said, " Oh how cute, you tanned to match your dress" I changed clothes. The redness was gone by the next morning, but the soreness stayed for a couple of days.

Our next stop was Cozumel.
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