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Dave I want to hijack your thread just one more time. Stephen PMed me and said he thought he hung out with Meg around the hot tub.

Nope not Meg, as I said she wears a tankini and she usually picks separates-a tankini top and boyleg shorts as she is around 10 pounds underweight. she hates herself in any kind of swimsuit-beiong as thin as she is-she goes for coverage-so that would not have been her at the hot tub-trying to atrtact a guy there!

Now Stephen you could have danced with her in the disco! she loves dancing and you could have ran into her in karoke-her over fav place on ship!

actually guys I was just teasing about Meg anyway-I think Dave knew that-him being 42-no mom in her right mind would fix him up with a 22 year old! I would be more apt to want her to wait on Dave's son to grow up-!!! (He looked pretty cute Dave, driving that boat!) Not that SHE would have that!!

Stephen, I had seen the Roloff's in a documentary on TLC a couple years back. So I recognized them on our cruise and approached them- they told me about Little People Big World coming up-so I knew to look for their show. It was not out when we were on that cruise. But no-I don't have their e-mail or anything.

Gracious if they took a cruise now they would be mobbed!! It would be more then me approaching them!! I did enjoy the clips of Mariner of the Seas on that one show. I kept saying to myself, I was on that cruise.
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