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Cozumel- For this excursion I picked something separate from my guys. Up to this point, we had done things together, but to pick something they like, I have to pick action, adventure, and the ATV's were it for Coz. They loved it, and I am still trying to get the clothes they wore clean. This is a dirty excursion. You ride ATV's on the beach, and down country roads. I had also booked it for myself, and then realized what I had done, and changed it to Highlights and shopping. Besides the ATV ride, it also included snorkeling. They had to get up and off the ship early, but mine was later, and it was nice not to have to rush.

Let me back up a bit, and tell you more about Cozumel, and then I will tell you how my day went.

This was my fourth trip to Coz. Once last summer, on our first cruise. At that time we went to Paradise beach for the day. Easy taxi ride, to an absolutely beautiful beach. It was almost brand new then. During that cruise, we docked and walked off the ship. Everything was green and tropical.

Our second and third time in Coz was in December. We did back to back cruises. We got on the Conquest and spent seven days then came back to Galveston, stayed in a motel for the night, and then boarded the Elation for 5 more days. During these two cruises, Coz was all torn up. The piers were gone. The greenery was gone, and many buildings were gutted.

I am happy to say that this cruise showed us how very much improved Coz is now. We tendered closer than ever before. (Close enough, that if you had to , you could swim the distance) I am really happy for the folks at Coz, who have worked very hard to get things back in order.

Okay, now to Highlights and shopping. I would have been just as happy with the highlights. I am not a shopper. I am a get in there and get out kind of girl, but it was included. I guess for comfort, Coz is my favorite island. It is very much like going to Florida. The shops, the food, the beaches. I also feel very safe in Coz.

After we did a very short tender which was very comfortable. (In the big tender boats, go down to the bottom of the boat when picking a place to sit. Down there are very comfortable Captains chairs, air conditioning, and a bar.) The largest of the tenders holds 500 people. These are normally used to ferry people from Coz to the mainland. If you are standing on your ship, and Coz is to your left, if you will look to your right, off in the distance is mainland Mexico. What you can see is Playa de Carmen. You might have only heard about it, but not been there. From there on around is Cancun. Both have excellent beaches, and they have tenders going that way, if you would like to do something else besides Coz.

Okay, Now finally Hightlights, but in a minute........
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