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Default Summit for the Holidays

DesertGuy & TheDuffys,

Seems like several others here are - like us - booked for Summit's Christmas / New Years cruise.

We had such a great time on Summit (11 night Ultimate Caribbean) for the holidays two years ago that we decided to the Hawaii itinerary for this coming Christmas and New Years.

There were kids on board, but very well behaved. I am a former school principal, and don't have much tolerance for kids who are unsupervised, and acting inappropriately.

I can honestly say that I saw little to complain about from the kids. Really. I read some posts on Cruisecritics and others about how horrible the kids were on the Summit holiday cruise last year, but two years ago it was not the case.

Summit is a GREAT ship, and the cruise itself was really the best experience we've had in our seven (or eight?) cruises so far.

Looking forward to meeting some of the folks on this board. I've been a lurker for several years. Thanks for all the information over the last several cruises.

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