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And since that time how many cruises has Celebrity cancelled due to emergency dry docks to repair problems with their ships.

The Azipod problems have never resulted in a complete loss of prupulsion or otherwise endangered a ship. All "twin screw" ships are perfectly capable of operating on one shaft, albeit at reduced speed.

And much to Celebrity's credit, the line has compensated passengers quite well (full refund plus free cruise), without haggling, when those incidents have happened.

And then there was the Captain of the Mercury being arrested for being inebbriated on duty.

That's a legitimate safety issue, but isolated, and the line responded very appropraitely when it occurred.

All the lines run into various problems at times that aren't forseeable, and are unfortunate. Don't wear blinders

True. My concern is when there are a lot of incidents in a very short time span that appear to have a common cause. In the 2001-2003 time span, Carnival Corporation owned about half of the world's cruise ships but had over 95% of the serious incidents.

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