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I am taking my family on the CB 8/5. I belive with most of what I have read it appears that it was an accident after all "@#$% happens"

No offence to all Princess cruisers with status but the readers of these message boards have to take your comments with a grain of salt.

Your status with Princess take away your objectivty.

Here only Norm wisely has addressed the isssue:

When there's a pattern of serious incidents that appear to stem from a common cause, such as improper maintenance or inattention to the three S's (safety, security, and sanitation), that's another matter -- I'm gone.
It is not only Princess status people it's my fellow 1K United guys too. Half the fleet would have to go down before these guys admitted thier might be a problem!!

A fire and/or a steering issune has to be investigated the guilty parties exposed.

Lets hope the accident victims recover and get home safely.


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