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Default Tipping Maitre d' for Private Table

I just booked my first cruise on Carnival Liberty, and was told by my Carnival agent that the best way to get a table for two for the duration of the 8-day cruise was to go straight to the maitre d' when we get on board, make the request, and "grease the wheels." Yes, I know that meeting other people is a lot of the fun of a cruise, but I have my reasons for wanting a table just for us. Given that it is a longer cruise, and it will require some effort on his part to tie up a private table for the whole cruise, how much "grease" do you think it should take? I have no qualms tipping because I am asking for something that could require a deal of effort on his/her part, and I don't mind tipping well, but I also don't want to tip an absurd amount, either. Thx.
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